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Change Fonts on iPhone

How to Change Fonts on iPhone 4, 5. How to use BytaFonts and Cyndia Tweak to change fonts in iPhone 5, 4.

Do ‘I’ in iPhone really mean ‘intelligent’; it is a question of a great debate or not, well nothing can be predicted about this world. Same might have happened with Steve Jobs before landing iPhone in the league, he also wouldn’t have expected for this much success of this product. But as time passes the curiosity among people start lifting to great heights and they want some more and even more out of them. For which makers launched new products concluding the entire requirement as per its users.

People were quite happy with new products as well as with new facilities provided to them. But it has been seen that a lot of people feel bored using same user-interface as they have to watch those same things in same way as it was at the time of purchase, so they usually switch to new handsets providing them features also for changing their looks. Don’t worry if Apple is not providing you the way then we are always here to assist you. So do you have also thought that there might be a way out this problem?

Change Fonts on iPhone

Changed Fonts on iPhone

If this is the question whose answer you’re searching for then you’re exactly on the right grounds. All of us know that world today is very dynamic in nature and so are the Third Party software providers, so here I’m going to share you a very simple way by which you can easily change fonts on iPhone as well as on iPads. For that you only need to do one thing just keep scrolling down! Using below third party software you can easily change fonts on iPhone all you need to do is just to follow the steps neatly.

How to Change fonts on iPhone?

So, here I am. If you want to change fonts on iPhone you can blindly trust BytaFonts from Cyndia. This software is just for your ease coz after installing it you need to do nothing and all the work is simply accomplished by this tiny software. Installing BytaFonts you can easily change fonts on iPhone in very easy steps. You know what, you only have to do one thing- You have to jailbreak your iPhone (quite scary!)

But don’t worry after using BytaFonts you can un-jailbreak your iPhone back easily (quite relaxing!)

Steps to change fonts on iPhone:

  1. Install BytaFonts from Cyndia, simply search and install it.
  2. Go to Cyndia > section > fonts.
  3. Install fonts you like.
  4. Go to iPhone springboard and launch BytaFonts.
  5. Select the font which seems awesome to you and confirm the change.
  6. Wait for respring and you are DONE!!!

Using above steps you can simply change fonts on iPhone whether its iPhone (5 or 4S) or iPad, these same steps works on all. Well thanks to software makers for their hard works we can easily change anything on our handsets as desired and even can gain extra features which are even not even the part of itsfirmware. If you have any interim problems while accomplishing steps on “How to change fonts on iPhone” please leave a comment. We’ll surely assist you in getting rid of it.

Thanks for reading!!!


Ashutosh Verma • July 6, 2013

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  1. Kushendra July 6, 2013 - 3:44 pm

    Again I have got another good trick from you Narender , It is good one , Thanks.

  2. Jason July 9, 2013 - 3:00 pm

    Wow! great helpful article. Thanks for providing the steps for changing the font size in iPhone.

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