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Download True Caller Software For PC Computer- Free TrueCaller Android Application : If you are an Android mobile user than you may be surely aware of TrueCaller. TrueCaller is basically a call based application. TrueCaller directory is having millions of phone numbers. It also has various other features along with huge database. TrueCaller application is having more than 12 million active users worldwide. Such a huge user base makes it a successful application.

Its one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store. However TrueCaller is a free app but you can get much features in paid version. You can download the official TrueCaller application from <Here>. Many fans need TrueCaller for PC or computer. That’s why we are sharing the method to use TrueCaller on Computer. By using this method you will be able to use all TrueCaller features on PC too. Following this method you can also run other popular android applications on Computer.

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How To Download TrueCaller for PC


Officially TrueCaller software is not available for Computer and Windows OS like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 8 etc. But alternatively you can use Bluestacks ( An Android App emulator for Computer ). This emulator will help you to run TrueCaller on PC/ computer. So you will need to download BlueStacks first in order to run it on TrueCaller PC. You can download BlueStacks Offline Installer from below link.

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer

Once you have successfully downloaded BlueStack, instal it. After installing BlueStacks, a folder named “apps” will be created on your computer desktop. Next step is to download the .apk Android file of TrueCaller Application. This application is not available at Google Play. But you can download this application using following Links :-

1. Official Link
2. Updated download link from Google Play.
Download TrueCaller from Google Play <Here>.

Once you have download it, Then simply double click it and open it with BlueStacks. Alternatively you can right click it and than select ” Open with Bluestacks “.

How To Use TrueCaller on PC

Simply download and instal the application, Nothing more. If you aren’t able to find this app than try to search it using Windows Explorer. That’s complete procedure to get TrueCaller for PC or computer. If you are facing any hurdles using TrueCaller on PC than comment below with you issue regarding True Caller.

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  1. Hi Narender Chopra
    That’s really worthwhile information , great tutorial , I am going to play angry bird on my laptop .

  2. Yes , True calller is a headache for those who don’t want to revel there identity to anyone , specially when there motive is to disturb other.

  3. abhi says:

    plz provide password to download this setup from mediafire link.

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