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Every day, people destroy their phones. This would not be much of a problem if phones were still used just to call people and if they only cost around forty dollars. However, for most people, a new phone costs hundreds of dollars, and they use it to do everything, from sending emails to checking their social media sites to watching movies. In fact, some people have stopped buying computers because they can do everything that they need to do on their phones. If you know the top ways in which phones are typically damaged, you may be able to keep from ruining yours. Drops The top way in which a phone is ruined is simply by dropping it. People handle their phones so often that this is bound to happen.

At the same time, phones are growing more fragile by the day. With older flip phones, you could drop it and just the plastic case would strike the ground. With modern phones, the glass screen makes up the majority of the front, and that can shatter quickly if it falls from even a small distance, let alone the distance from your hand to the ground. Spills People also ruin their phones by spilling things on then, such as cups of coffee. This is another thing that was not a threat in the past, when phones usually hung on the wall. With cell phones, though, you can set them next to you on your desk while you work. Despite the threat that it poses, people will often put a cup of coffee just inches away.

If you reach for the phone and bump the coffee cup, scalding liquid could cover the phone before you can even react. The Wash Every now and then, people accidentally leave their phones in their pockets when sending them through the wash. This will damage the phone in two ways. First of all, the water and the extreme heat could be enough to ruin it so that it will never work again. If that does not do it, the phone could be bashed against the inside of the washing machine.

Drops into Water Finally, people are constantly dropping their phones into water. This could happen at the beach, while trying to wade in the surf and talk at the same time. It could happen at home if you take a phone call while taking a bath. It could even happen if you are multitasking, doing the dishes and talking at the same time, and the phone slips away from your shoulder and falls into the sink. If you want to get additional information, you can click here for more or you can just head over to

Narender Chopra • September 5, 2013

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