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Facebook Google Play Store ban

Google Bans Facebook From Play Store due to Unwanted Downloads

Google Bans Facebook From their Play Store because of Unwanted downloads. See Why Google banned Facebook Application From Google Play Store
Google Play Store needs no introduction to you, in case if you are an Android OS user. This time Google has been proven to be very strict on Play Store terms and policies. Recently Google updated Google Play Store policies to make it clean and well controlled community same as the strong competitor Apple App Store. Now Google has made some hard changes to its policies and terms for everyone. No matter you’re a small application developer or a big gun like Facebook, Twitter and anything else, Google Play Store news policies will be headache for you.

Google Bans Facebook Application From Google Play Store

Facebook Google Play Store ban

As We have described above, You must be aware of latest Facebook application issue, if you are an active Android user. Facebook launched a lot of new features for Android OS. Recently Facebook has rolled out various major updates for Android users. They are forcing the users to stay in touch with social network most of the times with their official services like Facebook Home. So as Facebook launched their official Android Application called – Facebook Home which is said to be a made with the violation of Android Play Store policies.

Google Play Store Policy Changed:

Google is well known for strict actions against the unofficial seeding of applications and unwanted application downloads. This time Google takes a strict action on continues unwanted downloaded of official Facebook Home Application. Google has officially announced the ban on such unknowingly downloads and install of applications from the sources outside the Google Play Sources. And now Google has marked such an applications as the “Dangerous Products” in their terms and policy. So as a result Facebook has been removed from Google Play Store.

Facebook Violates Android Google Play Store Freemium Policies

Google acted aggressively on the violation by Facebook and also asked the developers not to submit such an applications in the Google Play Store that contains a code in their APK file that automatically updates its binary code without Google Play Store update mechanism. So by changing the policies and removing Facebook application, Google made clear that pushing application updates out of the Google Play Store mechanism won’t be accepted anymore on Android OS.

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Narender Chopra • May 12, 2013

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  1. James Osborne May 16, 2013 - 10:24 pm

    Google is highly discipline . It does not consider whether you are big or small when comes to its rules and regulations. Those being slapped by Google through Adsense can testify to this. Therefore, if Facebook or other giant company want to still be with Google, its rules should be followed.

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