Google PageRank Updates Schedule 2013- Google PR June 2013 Update

Next Google PageRank June 2013 Update

Next Google PR Update June 2013 is very near. And everyone is looking toward the improvement in their PageRank in this Google PageRank June 2013 Update. Everyone knows the importance of Google PageRank and its a good news for Webmasters that Next Page Rank update may take place in the last of June 2013 . Google has scheduled 2013 Year’s Second PR Update in the month of June 2013 . Most Recent PageRank update was in February 2013 .  In last PR Update Our Blog Got PageRank 2 for Homepage and most of internal pages got PR 1 .
Update :- Previously it was expected that Update may be in the month May but we just found a minor PR update during the Month of May. On BHW some guys are reported increase in their PageRank during this minor update. However major Google Pagerank update will take place in June 2013. Recently got PR2 while in Feb 2013 Pagerank update it got PR5. So these are the possible sign of minor PR update.

Google PageRank Updates 2013 Schedule

Generally Google brings Page Rank Updates after 3-4 Months of Interval . Here is the schedule of Page Rank Updates by Google in 2013 .
First Update : 4 Feb
Second Update : May be in Half of June 2013
Third Update :- 28 September to 5 October
Fourth Page Rank Update may held in the last of December 2013 or Start of January 2014 .

Google Page Rank System / Criteria

google page rank update June 2013

Google Page Rank Updates

Well its still a secret and only Google knows it or say even they doesn’t know it. Sorry but its true that even Google doesn’t know How Page Rank Updates Works ? I am saying this because there are a lot of websites which are having None Backlinks, Less Domain Age , No Traffic and SEO but yet they are having High Page Rank .

On other side their are various old blogs who do SEO in right manner and having old domain but Yet their Page Rank is not increasing from 2 or 3 . Even that happened with me . I worked a lot to make some high quality backlinks for one of my domain and on other hand I left one of my blog as it is without any Backlinks . On Page Rank Update , one domain for which I worked got Only PR 1 but the other one got PR 4 Surprisingly . And I should mention that both domains were having nearly same age of 3 Months .

Feb 2013 Google PR Update : How to Get High Page Rank ?

So the first  Update of 2013  is very close and you are thinking to make some more backlinks within days to get High Page Rank . But I think it won’t work . There are various reason that you won’t get any juice from the backlinks you are making in this week . Have a view :-
1. You will make backlinks in bulk as you are crazy behind Higher Page Rank . And that’s what Google calls ” Unnatural Back Links Building ” . So make sure about Quality of Backlinks not Quantity . I would say that this week you should concentrate on writing content then making back links .
2. Suppose you made backlinks this week , it will take some time to get them indexed . Normally Backlinks are indexed by Google after 2 Weeks of creation . But Page Rank Update is so close and you won’t get much profit from these backlinks in this update. However these backlinks will be helpful for Second Page Rank update of 2013 , which will be in the last of the June Month .
Here is a Video about Page Rank Updates Algorithm by Matt Cutts :-

Recommended :- How to Build Backlinks For Your Blog in 2013

Update :- February Page Rank 2013 has been rolled and its very sad moment for me as I got PR 2 . Downgraded from Page Rank 3 to Page Rank 2. But I am happy that my other two blogs got higher PR .

Disclaimer :- Kindly note down that I am not any Google Employee who handles PR Updates. And this Pagerank Schedule is not official. This schedule is based on the time interval between the previous PR Updates. Google updates Page Rank Value after 2 months. Like I faced my First PR update in August 2012 and next came in November 2012 and then in Feb 2013. So you can easily see that there is exact interval in all updates ie. : August-November-Feb. So that Why everyone is predicting Next Google Page Rank Update in June 2013.

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  1. Gautam says:

    Thnks bro for the schedule….hope i get a good pagerank…
    Gautam recently posted..5 Best Antivirus For MacMy Profile

  2. Ravi says:

    Is this schedule released By google? Which links matter for Google Pagerank? Dofollow or Nofollow?

    • @Ravi both types of links matters. You have to make combination of these links . However getting do-follow back links is not so easy , you have to do guest posting to get do-follow links . But you can get several of no-follow links by commenting . I would suggest to collect some d follow links .
      Narender Chopra recently posted..How to Backup FeedBurner Email SubscribersMy Profile

  3. Priyanka says:

    Fingers crossed! Thanks for the update :)
    Priyanka recently posted..Zamzar, the Best Online Audio Converter for MacMy Profile

  4. Oho ! now the page rank update will be between january 27 to 7th Feb let’s wait and see.

  5. hey dude,

    ye wow it’s a new year gift for all the blogger and the users. it helps the blogger that in which rank there blog is and how much they have to similar manner it help the user that which block is better to use and more informational. congrats u blog get 3rd position keep it up guy.

    thank u

  6. Hey dude,

    Cool post. What should we do to get good PageRank? Also, I’ve heard that first of this year PageRank will happen at the end of February. Is it true?

    Thanks :)

    • Getting Backlinks from High Page Rank Websites , Social Sharing and blog commenting These are the ways to get Page Rank . But many websites get page rank without these factors and even without content . I think PR Doesn’t matters. Readers satisfaction and original content worth more .
      Narender Chopra recently posted..Configuring Yoast SEO Plugin For Best ResultsMy Profile

  7. Hi Narender, nice blog :-) I think you are right about what you said ” even google do not know about page rank criteria ” . I have registered a domain and just got only 4-5 backlinks and made only 4 posts on it and it got PR 4 . I was surprised but the blogs on which i work regularly do not get higher then PR2 . There are number of algorithms which decide PR so , it is very difficult to understand the GooGle .
    Navneet arora recently posted..J&K 12th Board Result 2012 – jkresults.inMy Profile

  8. thanks for sharing such important information..!!
    bhavesh recently posted..Top 5 Best Antivirus For Your PC And Their FeaturesMy Profile

  9. Micky says:

    Not expecting any good pagerank this time, because i didn’t made any good links in previous 3 months. :( during submitting comment and opening your blog em facing this error (Resource Limit Is Reached
    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.)
    Micky recently posted..Stealth SEO; New SEO Techniques For 2013My Profile

  10. Thank you for the information and video. I see that a new site is ranking number one, but does not have any backlinks, a new domain and is using .php instead of .html. How is this possible?

  11. SAJID says:

    Oh yeah,God, I am hoping to get PR4 this update.. I am pr3 at the moment. Would love to see the ranking go up… wow i am really excited to know that the update is going to come on just in a week time..

  12. hope so google will increase my page rank

  13. Raplus says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. But I couldn’t write any guest post in last two moths. :-( I think next Google update will be updated after next month first week.
    Raplus recently posted..Top 10 Benefits of BloggingMy Profile

  14. yup eagerly waiting for the google page rank update as recently i have started a new blog hope it will get a good rank and yes Narender you are right don’t know what mathematics does google guru is using for pr update because one of my website got 2 pr just after 4 Months and less than 50 Back Links.
    Ravi budhwar recently posted..Race 2 Sunday CollectionsMy Profile

  15. Feels like the last update was just few days ago.. though it was on November. Saw no change in any of my sites yet. Eagerly waiting.. fingers crossed.

  16. Hey Narender Chopra, Awesome Post bro and Thanks for the Pagerank Schedule.
    Sai Kumar recently posted..HTC Officially Announced HTC Desire U in TaiwanMy Profile

  17. ohh..I was expecting this on 1st week of feb and I think this is a minor update and expecting a major update in next week.
    Mohit Rajwani recently posted..Temple Run 2 Hits Android MarketMy Profile

  18. Vivek Bhatt says:

    Agree with you, yes Google prefer quality backlinks. it was good to see the date you mentioned about upcoming PR Updates. lets hope my this blog also gets some hit.. others are already on the top ;) Good Post Narender.
    Vivek Bhatt recently posted..This Year Apple May Unveil iPhone MathMy Profile

  19. Sumit says:

    Thanks bro…..hope that I will get good page rank
    Sumit recently posted..How to get higher Page Rank for your BlogMy Profile

  20. Suraj says:

    Hi,Thanks for the schedule…Fingers crossed have worked on building quality backlinks in the last two months so hoping for the best…
    Suraj recently posted..Sri Lanka wins a thriller to complete T20 series 2-0My Profile

  21. Kabenlah Cudjoe says:

    Thanks for the update bro. I’ll be looking forward to moving my PR from 2 to 4.

  22. I’m expecting nothing less than pr3+

  23. Aditya Nath Jha says:

    Well, true said buddy. I am seeing a frenzy of bloggers trying to acquire back links! Some guys from my college haven’t attended classes since a week xD
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted..Cross platform apps are the futureMy Profile

  24. Adryan says:

    I am waiting too for Google Page Rank update. Good luck to all!
    Adryan recently posted..Fatmagul – (Episodul 73) onlineMy Profile

  25. yes friends i wonder also how will effect us pr :S
    Kırıkhan recently posted..Emniyet Müdürü Murat Öğütverici sabah namazı sonrası intihar ettiMy Profile

  26. Singh says:

    Currently I am having page rank as 1 but I am very much sure I will hit some where around 5 in this Page Rank update as I have put tremendous amount effort for my this particular site. If it turn out to be good roll out for me, you can feel free to drop me a message from contact us form from my site. I’ll be more than happy to describe what all I did to achieve this. Let’s hopes for best.

  27. We’ll wait to that date.
    Hope our pagerank increase drastically.
    Kurva Titrasi recently posted..Laju ReaksiMy Profile

  28. Hi,
    Is it this month ? i didn’t see any move. Pagerank 3 and + seem good for my new blog
    Matelas recently posted..Matelas à ressortsMy Profile

  29. Christian says:

    If my pagerank increases, I have more traffic from google search ?

  30. @Christian ,Advertisers prefers High PR Websites and IF your Blog is having high pr then their are chances that you will get much Paid Posts/Reviews.
    Narender Chopra recently posted..Dreamhost Hosting 50% Discount Coupon CodeMy Profile

  31. So,,3 more days to wait… Lets see what happens in this update.. :)
    Ayesha Rizvi recently posted..Pakistani Bridal Gowns Collection 2013 | New Bridal Gown DesignsMy Profile

  32. Thank you for providing us with a tentative schedule for 2013. I’m hoping it updates soon, because as of now, it appears to be more likely on the later end of the schedule for February.
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted..Korean Lady smiling and talking on the phone while riding the subwayMy Profile

  33. SOS says:

    Google has Updated the Pagerank Today!!

  34. Hi Bhavesh, yesterday night google rolled out PR update , kindly check :D
    Navneet recently posted..UPPCL Exam Result 2013 – http://www.uppcl.orgMy Profile

  35. PR updated, my main blog remains PR3 but some blank installations and parked domains got PR1
    Sreejesh recently posted..5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Online ReputationMy Profile

  36. Nitin says:

    Don’t know how Google calculates all this :P
    Bro your PR dropped to 1 check it now !
    Nitin recently posted..3 Secrets to increase BackLinksMy Profile

  37. I am very much keenly waiting for next Google PR update, Thanks for giving this apx. dates!
    Krishna Parmar recently posted..How to Unblock YouTube Without Proxy?My Profile

  38. tushar says:
  39. Music Mastering says:

    Thanks for the schedule, you were right! My homepage stayed a PR4 but my internal pages went from PR1 to PR3. Now lets see what happens when they re-rank the searches!

  40. Piyush says:

    You are very lucky that you have PR 2, i have more then 350 backlinks according to Backlinkwatch, and 122 backlinks according to Webmaster account.But on PR update (on 4 feb.) , we did not get any PR :( … Not even PR 1… Almost half amount of total backlinks are from good PR sites..
    Piyush recently posted..Top 4 Tips on How to Promote Blogs OnlineMy Profile

  41. Thanks for this sharing
    my blog get down from PR3 to PR2 on february
    sadly, but I’ll work hard to increase PR on the next update

  42. Hey Naren,

    Nice one for me!! I have just launched a blog and Now I am aware which time around I need to check my page rank. Hope the first check gives out a good result and encourages me :) And good tips too, would follow for sure.
    Koj T. Tajo recently posted..How My Girl Friend Helped Me to Rank No.1 in Google.My Profile

  43. Cool post, I’m really looking forward for the next update in june. Working hard one seo and we’ll see. You totslly right, pagerank is a bit weird, and seo isn’t the only way to get traffic right ? ;)

  44. Bipul Khan says:

    thanks for share, I’m waiting for next Google PR update

  45. Jia says:

    Thanks for the PR dates and I agree with you, it seems there is no criteria right now but there is a slight hint that Content matter.

  46. Your above described guide to increase page rank is really helpful for new bloggers, I appreciate your shared important information.

  47. Fred says:

    @Narender: I second that. The idea that one shouldn’t build backlinks like crazy. Or else, Google will mark it as ‘Unnatural link building’ Personally; I would only care for domain authority and page authority. I don’t really bother to check the actual page rank of the page where my link will appear, and that’s what I believe works. Anyways, thanks for the update about Google PR, I hope to get some decent PR in the coming quarter.
    Fred recently posted..Can IM and SEO be a viable career option?My Profile

  48. Thanks For Providing these Dates….Nice Post…Really Helpful…Hope this time My Page Rank Get Increased……

    • Rene says:

      Its all about writing unique high quality content which gets linked in a natural way by people who like it. The times of backlinks and PR are not over but today its more about average time of visit and rate of activity of user on your site.
      regards, René

  49. rich amor says:

    I’m sad because last updated (feb 2013), my pagerank (3) didn’t move up. And more sadly, my SERP on various keywords decreased. I’m so waiting for the next updates.

  50. Deco says:


    Next update pagerank may be coming in may 2013

    • rich amor says:

      Really? Ha ha.. I’m very excited

  51. Hey Great Post and great information man :)
    But everywhere the news is prevailing that this time PR will not happen. If this is true then I am gone for my new blog :(

    Let’s hope your post will true :D and page rank update will roll out.
    Sohil Memon recently posted..How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 [Jelly Bean]My Profile

  52. It is May 4th now and we haven’t seen any PR update yet. It will be great to hear from others to know if it is happening right now.

  53. Hi Narender Chopra,
    Yes, that looks I am ready to face my 1st PR Update of my Blog !! :D :) :)

  54. Sam says:

    Some people say that PR updated on May3, 2013. You sound like an expert on that matter. Can u please comment on whether it actually happened or not ?

  55. in my work I do not take into account the factor pr

  56. Maddy says:

    What is the expected date of next PR update Narender?

  57. rahul says:

    I am very disappointed with the page ranks. Last year my rank dropped from 4 to 2 and I dont remember making any changes. Page Rank is a purely commercial thing and if you enjoy what you create, it should not bother you

  58. What is excepted date of next PR update. and How to find PR of my Blogs

    • rahul says:

      Finding PR is very easy. Search in google for “check page rank”. Open the 1st site, put in your web address in the box and hit the button that says Search PR

  59. gou says:


  60. Thank you for your info. I hope it’s true. I am waiting for it’s update. The last 2 times update My site still pr0, hope this time can Increase.

  61. Due to Google’s updates do-follow back-links do not pay much. One should do guest posting, it will give increase in SERP and Page Rank too.

  62. Thanks for sharing Naresh, I am also hoping to get a good one in this update of May.

  63. Aditya Singh says:

    What i heard about PR update is it will be 1 week of june.
    Your Post is really Good

  64. Ankit says:

    All the bloggers and webmaster are waiting for second page rank update of year 2013. Hope we get some PR on this update.
    Ankit recently posted..Difference Between Web Designing and Web DevelopmentMy Profile

  65. thanx for sharing schedule idea! looking forward to google ranking update in May :)

  66. abhinav jha says:

    I am also very very eagerly updating for the update …but after reading this article I think that it is going to be done soon !! thanks very much admin ..

  67. Preet says:

    Am waiting for this pagerank update, i know for sure am going to be among those who will benefit from this.

  68. Damien says:

    Is PR really important today? Tons of people say it isn’t, and others say it is. In my opinion I do think it’s important…
    I also heard about Trustrank, what do you think about it?

    • Pagerank is important to a point.

      However personally I believe SEOMoz metrics are a better indication of a quality site that will increase in SERPS. SEOmoz also includes a trustrank. Check it out.

  69. thanx for sharing schedule idea! looking forward to google ranking update in May

  70. rosie says:

    I no longer ignore the renewal of google PR update.

  71. is this sure that google page rank update occur in may 2013?

  72. Mukesh says:

    This is crazy °o° 90% bloggers from India and Pakistan waiting pr update and hope for best results from Google for their blogs. It seems like a after a school exams students waits for result. I wish for everyone achieve higher page rank beyond their expectation specially for technoupdates :).

  73. Alex says:

    Hi , thanks for the anticipated update schedule . Working towards the end of May with some quality links .

  74. Nice article. Every blogger is waiting for next PR update. As we all know that dofollow links are counted to determine PR but how to get dofollow link? i couldn’t get any dofollow link by just commenting on blogs. suggest some unique and effective way.
    Madan Gehlot@Seo, Adsense recently posted..5 Surefire ways to master SEOMy Profile

  75. Dale says:

    I like what you said about “this week you should concentrate on writing content then making back links” – that makes so much sense. That will look far more natural and also by focusing on content it gives the spiders more to look at. I also like how you point out that it takes time to get backlinks indexed.
    Dale recently posted..Edmonton Furnace Cleaners: How Important Are They?My Profile

  76. Waiting for the next update, hope linktons will get some great PR

  77. Chetan says:

    It is almost 25th May now and I’mm looking forward to upcoming PR update on my new blog. Thanks for the schedule. Hope I get some good news this time from Google.
    Where do you get this schedule anyway?

    • Chetan its not an official schedule. Its based on prediction. Main criteria is time interval between previous PR updates.

  78. Smallbtfly says:

    Hope it’s true~ 2 days left to check it

  79. Is is out yet? Eagerly waiting!!

  80. any news about the May 2013 PR updates?

  81. There should be a “big google crawl* a week before PageRank start updating. They (google) manage to crash my server in january 2013, and i’ve seen it in the third weeks of this month (may 2013)
    Gaptek Update recently posted..33 Makanan Khas dari Setiap Provinsi di IndonesiaMy Profile

  82. It is 31.05.2013 and no update yet. I hope in first week of june 2013 make pr update.

    Anyway thanks for the article.

  83. I hope in first week of june 2013 make pr update. from PR3 to PR4

  84. I am waiting for the page rank update

  85. Thks for the schedule! I am eagerly waiting! cheers

  86. Revva from Iqecommerce says:

    Another update from Big “G”, its time for page rank after penguin. Waiting and hoping for the best.

  87. Thank you for this happy news.

    I was on a downward spiral feeling all blue about my pagerank but I am a bit happier now :))

    Just gonna have to keep my fingers crossed and keep on linking.

    Good luck to you as well!

  88. although I was a little disappointed with the update google page rank second in the year 2013, after I waited since 3 May but not yet. prediction is very difficult because of all the provisions of google. I need to do now is prepare to greet the web so I can get maximum ranking.

    thanks Narender Chopra for sharing

  89. Really its surprising to know that the sites are getting high PR without caring much for them. Even I had this with one of my sites i am struggling to get PR-2 from existing PR-1, but could not get since last 2- years after so many SEO efforts, but one of my recent Blog which just started got PR2 straight-away. Really… GR8..

  90. Sumit says:

    Thank you very mush for this schedule…
    Very exited for the the results…

  91. Thanks for this Google PR updates schedule! So much excited for june month PR updates.

  92. No PR update in June yet! Thank’s anyway!

  93. It is June 9th now and we haven’t seen any PR update yet.
    It will be great to hear from others to know if it is happening right now

    Thanks anyway

  94. Mike says:

    We still waiting :) i think the PR update will start in next comong days !
    thanks for the info.

  95. Nina says:

    I am eagerly waiting for this pagerank update .. I think it is planned in June 2013.

  96. Bobby says:

    I am waiting too. Lets see what happen next.

  97. I am eagerly waiting for a pagerank update. Hope it arrives soon :)

  98. i am still waiting for PR update…. :)

  99. Have yet to get any PR updates since 19 Jun 2013.

  100. i am very excited about the Google page rank updation , i am working on my site since last few months , my current pr is zero , hope i will get at-least 2 or 3 PR -

  101. I hope many website get good page rank! Happy blogging.. :)

  102. Rohit says:

    waiting for the pagerank update since May first week, the pagerank update seem to come after every 3 months according to its previous trends, i’ve lost many backlinks afterwards because of my exams. hope this june will bring up a good pagerank update for me.
    Rohit recently posted..Fruit Ninja for PC Full Download, Windows(8/7/xp/vista) LaptopsMy Profile

  103. Any clues on when is the next Google PR update?

  104. Well, I just hope it comes early in July! I am desperately waiting for it, since my blog currently has no PageRank, but I hope that I get one once the update is released!
    Vikram Pandit recently posted..5 Sites To Play Free Online Games For Girls And BoysMy Profile

  105. izwan says:

    so what happened now? Any news? I would like to see my update also

  106. Tatil says:

    Yes, bloggers believed that the higher your blog pagerank, the high you blog SEO, and that is the more reason why many bloggers worked tirelessly fro a start for a better PR but I can say it’s becoming disappointing for Google not updating their pagerank yet by now.

  107. chamal says:

    Hi, Narender Now not to worry about next PR update.It was 6 December 2013. Google surprised us( The Christmas gift for webmasters) . I just waited for this moment. But suddenly i have shocked seeing how many authority sites lost their page rank. Even Moz just received 2 PR score. I think this was because the Hummingbird update just few months ago. I would like to know more about how to increase the page rank. Thanks for these updates GOOGLE. I will try to gain Good page rank in next update.
    chamal recently posted..How to Install WordPress Themes – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

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