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how does SEO work

How does SEO work in 2013-14?

How does SEO work in 2013-14? – How to make backlinks in 2013-2014.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters and online experts argue when it comes to coming up with a really effective SEO strategy. Improving the visibility of a website based on algorithmic search results creates the very heart of the SEO process. SEO is based on what exactly people search on the Internet and how can you make that the written work in the text box be associated to the content of your website. Optimizing your site involves editing the content (HTML programing is required) and increasing the number of incoming links.

In order to get a good traffic you need a good keyword strategy. Keyword phrases matter because searching engines extract relevant content from your site. Social network also can make wonders. Living in  the ages of web2.0,  where the simple user becomes a content developer, social networks have tremendously increased the value and a nice relationship between a site and a social platform, has established. I will refer to the most popular platform nowadays, which is, undoubtedly, Facebook. You can optimize your website by providing also a ‘business’ page. Facebook is an add-on to your website. You can add links on the platform and you can connect it directly to your site. Basically, one who is your friend on Facebook, might actually access your website. If you don’t take advantage of this, the optimization is not so optimized after all.

How does SEO work these days in 2013-14?

A very  important coordinate regarding  SEO is the pagerank. The pagerank indicates the popuarity of a site based on its presence on other sites or blogs. If you have a blog for example and another blog gives an article from your blog as referrence, your pagerank does SEO work

The importance of focusing on keywords

Like I previously said, the SEO discourse is based on keywords. You want to become ‘a very close friend’ to Google’s mechanism. Choose  5 up to 10  keywords which are related to your website’s content. Now start an analysis upon your keywords. Search for them on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Pay attention to the false ranking! Before you start your searching survey,  you’d better log out Google.

The backlinks

You can see the exact  number of backlinks by simply accessing domain-pop or other  websites with similar profile activity.  One of the most effective tools is probably Google Webmaster Tools .

The Social Networks

Believe it or not, searching engines are paying attention to  your presence via social platforms. So, take care of the Twitter, Facebook and Google plus accounts. On Facebook, you have a very useful tool, called Facebook Insights. It’s a good tool to see what impact have your posts. What do people read, what do they share and what do they like.

Get rid of the broken links

These links are errors type 404. You will have to struggle to reduce them to zero. The identification of the broken links can be done, by using that fantastic tool I was talking about previously, from Google.

Your value  inside a searching engine, as you see, is determined by so many factors. Start improving these issues listed above and you will see improvements  in no time! Good luck!


Narender Chopra • July 3, 2013

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  1. Alexandru Cobuz July 4, 2013 - 12:14 am

    I think that 2013-2014 will be the end of the most automation tools when it comes to link building. Not to mention that less and less crappy sites will stand out in searches. Moreover the users will probably end up with more and more personalized data.

  2. Ashutosh July 4, 2013 - 2:18 pm

    Knowing how SEO works is really a great deal, even the regular bloggers are not even to judge how they are making their strategies for the blogs. Thanks Narender for providing us with a bunch of secrets about SEO about ho they works or plan
    Keywords really pays a very important role in making your site user friendly and they’re only way by which we can be attracted by audience.
    keep sharing!!!

  3. Blaz@Google Visibility July 31, 2013 - 2:21 am

    I strongly believe website owners SHOULD build natural links in 2013 / 2014. Those links that appear contextually within the post, especially above the fold. I’ve seen a leap on my rankings when I focused on above the fold link building.

    Working smart is better :)

  4. Alan@anti ddos September 18, 2013 - 5:25 pm

    I strongly believe that we must put our concern on updates from google and keep building links naturally for a good and unique content page :)

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