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How to Tweet like a Pro

How to Tweet like a Pro?

Several Effective tips on How to Tweet like a Pro?
Twitter is a micro-blogging social platform that allows you to create  and share content, following the same principle as any other social platform. The major difference consists in the amount of content. Being a micro-blogging platform, you are restricted to use more than 140 characters. This might become a problem in case you are not very familiar with the short relevant text post. If you use it wisely, followers will bump over night!

Having more than 500 million  users, Twitter is one of the most interesting platform of its type.  People are using it not only for fun and entertainment, but also for business. Creating a Twitter account and playing with it and by playing, I mean understand how to handle the relevant information, can bring some benefits such as new customers. Moreover you can subscribe to updates and check the competition easily.

Tips and tricks have been always appreciated and wisely used by those who try to accumulate experience in a certain field of activity. When it comes to social platforms, navigating on your own without having any previous experience and learning everything can take time. This is why, such an article can be extremely useful when you are about to start a journey in the wonderful world of micro-blogging.

How to Tweet like a Pro

Tip one: How does Twitter work?!

You create an account, you post news flash, important things that happen to you, updates of any kind and furthermore, you can leave messages that other see. The interesting aspect is that your messages can be re-tweeted. You can get new followers by tweeting interesting messages to your Twitter friends. When you respond to a message an @ comes in front of your username. Once you tweeted, anyone can respond to your messages publically. The private message is just an option. As long you have internet connection  and a laptop, you can access Twitter anytime, anywhere.

Tip two: I hope you know why you’re tweeting

It’s very important to not mess business with personal issues. If you have an account to keep in touch your friends with your latest updates, don’t insert stuff that have to do with your business. In case you use Twitter exclusively for business, take care you make that clear. Keep your followers in touch with promotions, sales, new products.

Tip three: Take control over your content

Make it exciting and fun! Be aware of the fact that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social platform and when you are part of it you should take care of the type of content you’re inserting. Make it interesting, fun and provide relevant information! Never type something just for the sake of typing it.  Make a research on what people like reading on your competitors’ accounts and wrap the content originally. Remember that you only have 140 characters! So you them wisely! Good luck and happy tweets!

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Narender Chopra • July 1, 2013

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  1. Jason July 1, 2013 - 6:13 pm

    Wow! great tips dude, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Saiful July 1, 2013 - 11:29 pm

    Well said, Twitter is used mainly by business professionals who know the real value of 140 characters isn’t.

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