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Keep Website Safe From Hackers

The importance of the online safety

The importance of the online safety – How to keep yourself safe online – Tips to be on the safe side in the online world.
The Internet is a wonderful place where any kind of information stays at your disposal and everything can literally happen. It is an expandable market with plenty of opportunities. Therefore , being such a interesting space represents an easy target for scams and viruses.

The first things you should know would be that you have to be extremely careful when it comes to choosing your downloading sources and you have to avoid phishing websites. This  is a very  tricky and dangerous process. The phishing websites will try to get relevant info in order to access bank accounts and other things that are extremely personal. Indeed, there are a couple of tips and tricks that help you stay safe.

Online Safety Tips and Importance of Secure Web Browsing

The proxy servers represent a pretty safe way to hide your IP while browsing on the Internet. Normally, they protect your privacy. In order to use one, you have to type ‘proxy servers list’  in the search engine and choose a reputable service. To remain completely anonymous, you need to use a distorting proxy or high anonymity. These types generate you a fake IP address or it simply hides it.

There are also other environments that provide you protection. For instance, when you browse, you might like to consider an anonymous search engine. When it comes to great searching engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, your data is not so safe as you might think. They actually are great collectors of personal data. What does it serve them for? Simple, they analyze and give statistics to companies. Your browsing habits are very valuable. Your online behavior is monitored and that’s how companies create their next strategies and campaigns. Everything is based on your ‘moves’. In case that bothers you, there is the anonymous category of search engines which come with added browsing privacy.

Anyway, everybody that owns a computer knows that the device needs a anti-virus software. If you own a Mac, these things don’t really concern you. Macs have been designed to avoid this sort of problems. There are some companies such as Avast, AVG or Sophos, which offer free version of the anti-virus software, that provide you basic protection. My suggestion is to better try something like Norton or Kaspersky, because they also include firewall protection and online shopping protection.

Save a safe trip browsing!


Narender Chopra • July 3, 2013

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