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host javascripts on google code hosting

Host Javascript or Other Files on Google Code Hosting

Google Project: Host Javascript and Other Files on Google Hosting

host javascripts on google code hosting

In past Google launched a project named ” Google Pages ” .It was a help to bloggers who could n’t manage paid hosting .But how a wordpress blog can be hosted on 100 MB limit hosting ? So that that project was failed and Google replaced Google Pages with Google Sites which proved to be failure again .

So then Google made a project ” Google Code ” where it provides 4 GB hosting and maximum file size you can upload is 200 MB . You may notice that it is being used by many Bloggers and coder to upload their widget /Java scripts .Its so much reliable because code will be hosted on Google Servers , So no tension of downtime .Google Code is really helpful to upload your Javascript,jQuery or Flash Files there .You can upload anything there but file size must not exceed then 200 MB .

Google Project Hosting

To use Google Project Hosting you must have a Gmail Account so if you don’t have one then create it first .Then follow these steps :-

1. First Go Here And Login with Your Gmail ID .
2. Then create your project details as shown below .Title,Summary And Description will be as per your requirements and in Version Control System Select “Mercurial ” And License ¬†should be ” MIT License ” .
Host files on Google Project Hosting

3. After adding details click ” Create Project ” .Now Click the Downloads Option .You will find following Lines there :-
” This project currently has no downloads.You may want to create a new download . ”

4. Now click ” New Download ” option on this screen .
5. Now Add Summary And Description .Then choose your file to upload and click ” Submit ” button .
6. After Uploading you will be taken to a new page .Now click on your project name .There will be screen display like below :-
host javascript on google hosting


That’s It Friends .Hope this Tut is enough for this purpose and if still have any query regarding scripts upload on Google Project Hosting then Let me know by commenting below .Till Then ” Bye- Bye ; ) “


Narender Chopra • October 22, 2012

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  1. sahil December 6, 2012 - 12:57 pm

    thanks for sharing the info

    this will help a lot to save the code online

  2. Shabina Siddique November 25, 2013 - 7:02 am

    Gr8 post, I have been looking for free hosting where I can put all my Javascript and CSS file. This saved me some bucks . thanks

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