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Amazing app-walls and a very interesting Slider feature – mobileCore is improving

It’s generation of Smart phones and everyone loves to pick up suitable applications for their phone. But not everyone loves the premium stuff.  How much of applications have you installed in your device that you actually paid for? If your answer is “Many “, then believe me, you’re a kind of a different user.

Now developers of the apps can’t make all their apps paid. In order to get your application viral you and to make it reach a big audience you need to provide it for free. But usually it is hard to monetize free applications.  However there are some ways like adding a lot of annoying ads and providing both free and premium version. But such things won’t provide better user experience may increase your efforts to manage the apps. But we are here to share an ultimate solution for App developers to monetize their applications that is called “mobileCore “.

Firstly, let me tell you that mobileCore is part of ironSource which is an app distribution company that manages over 7 Million app installs per day!

ironSource consists of about 200 employees who are dedicated and determined to make the app experience as much pleasant as possible both for the devs and users. ironSource made a massive sum of $140 Million last year itself and the amount is expected to rise by a significant percentage this year. This means that they are a suitable platform to choose and this give you one more reason why you would like to choose mobileCore.

mobileCore provides great application monetization features that doesn’t annoys users and doesn’t hurt developer’s pocket. You can use their SDK to provide better user experience and getting sweets out of it. The mobileCore SDK Offers a totally unique ways to monetize your apps which are known as App Walls and Slider. These help developers to boost their earnings and getting application viral. mobileCore is a part of Iron Source team and provides a unique way to earn. With weekly payment options, unique features and large advertisers database, mobileCore proves to be the most profitable brand for App Developers. Only 25% of revenue goes to mobileCore while developers earn 75%. So that’s a great ratio when you compare them with others.

Some Major Features of mobileCore SDK

Basically developers get paid via the “Pay Per Install or CPI model“. However the payouts depends upon the location and countries but still it’s much better.

mobileCore SDK provides App Wall feature that helps to get more users and installs. This option is for advertising purpose. It will show creative banners of featured apps created using mobileCore. Promotion through App walls isn’t only effective but also the user friendly. It simply doesn’t look like traditional silly pop ups and nasty Ads. Below we have provided the screenshot of awesomeness of mobileCore App Wall Feature :

mobilecore 2 apps wall

mobilecore 2 apps wall

Mobilecore 1 App wall

Mobilecore 1 App wall

One more feature of mobileCore is easy but extraordinary Slider. You can easily drag and drop elements using the slider. With the help of their simple yet powerful SDK you can add video tiles, social Sharing Icons easily using the improved development dashboard. You can see the development dashboard image below and you will know how much flexible the SDK is.

mobilecore slider

Upcoming update of mobileCore will provide better Slider options. After the upcoming update, developers will be able to add custom skins in slider to match their Application.

So no need to explain more that why mobileCore is beneficial to you. Better payout rates, user friendly interface, promotional tools and other attractive features makes mobileCore SDK a better tool to be used by Application Developers. Just give it a try and you will be in love with it. Why not to pick up every single detail by heading over to their official web portal .


Narender Chopra • July 21, 2013

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  1. Martin July 22, 2013 - 11:10 am

    Hi Narender. Great information about Mobilecore App. I really appreciate it. This is very authentic and as well as informative also. Keep sharing like this. :)

  2. Aditya Dey @TechStake-Tech News July 23, 2013 - 1:28 am

    Hi Narendra,

    Nice article bro….to be honest I didn’t know about mobile core before reading this…It’s something new for me, and I suppose that’s the main beauty of following fellow bloggers blogs…..It always helps us to learn something new…..thanks for sharing….

  3. Ashutosh August 14, 2013 - 6:13 pm

    Hey bro, really a great share. I haven’t heard about this app earlier, but after reading your post i find it very useful and will surely try it as soon as possible.
    Very informative post…keep sharing!!!

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