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10 Reasons Why I Love Google Plus

This article is totally concerned and focusing on top reasons why i and all of us love Google plus. Google plus is the Google Plus logolargest social networking site which is introduced by none other than Google. We all are very much aware with Google plus, its features widgets, specification etc. When the Google has launched Google plus, the first hot news arise that the difference between Google plus and Facebook. But let me clear friends, both are having much popularity at their own platforms.Well, there are probably many reasons why I love Google Plus, but the following 10 are the top reasons Google Plus is a special product that is going to change the way we interact online and share our ideas and interests. So here i want to convey some important points why i love Google plus and i am dam sure after reading this post, you all will also agree with me. Have a look!

Top 10 Reasons to Use Google Plus

1)  Circles

When the first Google launched the Google Plus, i am not able to understand the concept of Circle, but now i think that it is a brilliant concept. The idea is to group people based upon common interests. Google plus share two important clips which i like the most:-

  • Share like You mean it:-

It make you to share the things with the people, friends. You can share some things with your close friends, others with your family, and almost nothing with your boss.

  • Choose who you hear from:-

It’s easy to see what the people in any circle are sharing. Never miss to post and upload picture or link with circles.

2)   Hangouts

Google plus Hangouts is the most wonderful and appreciated feature of Google plus. I have participated in a number of Google plus Hangouts for general discussion, one-on-one communication, and group communication. As Hangouts become more poplar the growth of Google plus. Hangouts provide :

  • Chat face to face:-

You can catch up with the whole family whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet device.

  • Host virtual meetings:-

You can Increase your team’s productivity with meetings that hold up to 10 people and powerful tools like Google Documents.

3) Better Privacy

The third reason why i love Google plus is its privacy settings. It has an quality reference privacy policy. We all have an different-different personality and we all are come contact with others.
Google plus Circles gives you share your separate profile for different persons on your friend list. All you got to do is mark them in a different group called “Circles”(as we discuss above). You can share your crazy night out, fun pictures, ideas with all your friends, family and you can also easily hide them from your particular friend and family member. Google+ has really this amazing feature known as Hangouts that lets you hangout with only those friends of yours with whom you want to meet up.

4)  Google+ Makes Sharing and Uploading Easy

Yes! it make you sharing and uploading the pictures and images in a easy and fast way. You can easily share your dream images and pictures on your Google plus profile. By this you can interact with your fellow ones in a better way. The uploading time is also short. You can not have to wait for long time. Google+ automatically uploads the images, photos and videos from your phone in a private folder.

5)  Searching

Google plus has an better searching option rather than other social networking sites. Like Facebook and twitter has an search bar but Google plus has an vibrant and enhanced search bar. With the help of Google plus i am able to find the person, page, or topic so much quicker than the other social media channels. Cool naa!

6)  Search Engine Optimization

This is the next reason why i love Google plus. Google plus is Google. Google plus is Google which means that content shared on Google plus is being indexed faster and returned in search results more than Facebook and Twitter. As more and more people participate on Google plus I think that the divide between the Search Engine Optimization quality of content shared on Google plus v/s Facebook v/s Twitter will grow.

7)  It Keeps You Entertained

This is my favorite reason for loving Google plus. Being attach with Google plus, it always entertained you whether you are online or offline. Google plus always entertaining you on your profile. With the help of Sparks application, you can type in something that really interests you and Sparks will provide you with different things that it thinks you will like.

8)  Mobile apps on both IOS and Android

Next reason whether you using an iPhone, iPad, tablet or an Android device, you will love the Google+ apps. Google decided to go ‘all in’ with their user interface on each of the apps and it shows this is not the simplistic boring UI Google that we are used to. Once you get start going through your stream on one of them, you don’t want to stop.

9)  Communities

The Google plus launched various Communities and this feature allows Google plus users to interact on a new level.

10)  Simplicity

After discussing all the points above, the last but not the least, Google launched Google+ that is so much simple, flexible and easy to use. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, there is an option of “Take A Tour” that takes you for a virtual training through the site and teaches you how everything works.

That’s all!
This article is written by Konika Chauhan, Author of Earning Methods . You can also like us on Facebook.

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Konika • January 4, 2013

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