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seo profiler review

SEO Profiler Review : Features of SEO Profiler Tool

Product by:
Narender Chopra

Reviewed by:
On February 15, 2013
Last modified:November 29, 2014


Featured Review of SEO Profiler Tool : I got an invitation to try it. After using it, Here is my SEO Profiler review. Read SEO Profiler Review

SEO Profiler is one of the best SEO Tools available in the affordable prices. Recently I got an invitation from Johannes Selbach ( SEO Profiler Owner ) to try that Awesome tool. After using it for nearly 7 days , Here is my SEO Profiler review. Hope that Review will help you to know more about that tool. Get SEO Profiler Here.

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Need of SEO Tool

Search Engines are changing there algorithms rapidly and its hard for you to get exact SEO practice that works. The time has been gone when you could rank high in search engine just because of On Page SEO and some spammy backlinks. Now its very-2 hard to get high position in SERP. You don’t only need to write effective content and making high quality link but analyzing you competitor also. Analyzing your own website in a regular period is Mandatory.

Analyzing will give you a complete report about errors in your website structure, socialization of your website, SEO, broken links and other vital optimization reports. Analyzing the competitors is an vital step in case of Advance SEO. To beat them you have to figure out their backlinks,Social Share, Anchor Text and link popularity etc .
So now the Question arises : How to do all that stuff ?
And I will say just leave it on SEO Profiler and get relaxed baby. Find out below that why SEO Profiler Tool is so important.

SEO Profiler Review : Professional SEO Tool

First of All Have a View on a Official SEO Profiler Video which will give you an idea about its functionality and a basic idea of How to Use SEO Profiler :-

Mainly SEO Profiler Tool gives you following options :-

Website Audit : This utility was added to SEO Profiler recently. It generated the weekly report of your website to show broken links, page errors , server errors, timeout errors and duplicate titles. You can use it to optimize your website for On Site SEO in easy way. It provides a lot of other Review options like Short Meta Description, Missing Alt Tags,Short Title, Missing Heading Tags etc.

Optimize your Pages : This SEO Profiler option provides various outstanding tools for Reviewing On Page SEO Optimization. It contains following small tools :

1. Optimization : SEOprofiler’s “Top 10 Optimizer ” tool gives you the exact idea about the top 10 pages ranking for your keyword. It will show how much backlinks your competitors have made and which anchor texts they have used. It will also show how much viral that specific page got on Social Media.

2. Keyword Density Analyzer : Keyword density plays a vital role in On Page SEO. We can’t ignore its importance at all. Keyword Density Analyzer shows you that how much times a keyword appeared in article content. To get high ranking your article should have 3-4% Keyword Density. Even SEO Profiler recommends 3% Keyword Density.

3. Readability Checker : You may be familiar to that term if you are using Yoast’s SEO Plugin. Readability is termed as reading ease. However its not an important SEO Factor but vital to improve readership. If the text is easy to read then its much helpful for you. To improve Readability write short sentences in the article. Using SEO Profiler , you can find that how much the article is easy to read.

4. Rich Snippet Creator : Rich Snippet Creator helps you to control the snippet of webpage. You can easily create HTML code using this tool. It will improve the CTR of article title in search results. So now you can have full control on rich snippet using SEO Progiler.

5. Optimization Tutorials : I liked that SEO Profiler utility a lot. They are having nearly 4 awesome Tutorials on following topics :
A.) Google Places Tutorial : Its Very helpful if you want to rank your local business website.
B.) Conversion Optimization Tutorial : Simply it helps you to convert your visitors into buyers. A lot of tips to create squeeze pages and get more conversion rate.
C.) Social Media Tutorial : Social Signal is the advanced SEO term. It shows how much social your website is. More Social Shares of your article generates more signal strength. This tutorial helps to create articles that will get more Social Signals easily.
D.) SEO Profiler ‘s Google Adwords Tutorials : Google Adwords campaign helps a lot to get visitors. But how to get targeted visitors ? This tutorial provides the answer of this question.

Get Backlinks : Backlink is evergreen SEO and Rankings Factor. High Quality backlinks means higher rankings in Search Engines. SEO Profiler’s Back Link tool reviews the website and provides the complete report about your competitor’s links. Other major tools included in “SEO Profiler Backlinks Manager” are :

  1. Keyword Links
  2. Hub Finder
  3. Opportunity Finder
  4. Weekly Backlinks Opportunities
  5. Link Tutorials

Try SEO Profiler Fully Functional Trial

Find Keywords : As name indicates this SEO Profiler Tool is used as a Keyword Research Tool. Doing Keyword Research is must if you want traffic. If you are writing on a topic that no one searches then you are wasting both your time and money.  So first review the keywords competition and then write. This tool provides the following options :

  1. Keyword Spy : It helps to take a review of your competitor’s keywords. Means finding the keywords which are being used by your competitors to rank high. It helps to find that for which keywords your competitors are advertising in Adwords.
  2. Weekly Keyword Opportunities : It gives a weekly report on the keywords. I used this tool a lot to get keyword suggestions based on Google Search Rankings.
  3. Difficulty : It helps you to analyze that how hard it is to rank for any specific keyword. You can compare the difficulty between various keywords.
  4. Tutorials : A lot of tutorials on Keyword optimization, Keyword research and tips.

Ranking Monitor Tool : Its an extra ordinary tool by SEO Profiler Team.Ranking tool can check search engine position of your all internal pages and sub domains in 68 countries. It search 3 major search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sub-Tools included in the SEO Profiler Ranking Checker are :

  1. All Keywords : See the rankings of all main keywords or add a specific keyword related to the website. You can sort and filter the search results.
  2. Top Pages : View the website pages that are ranking high in Search Engines. Also shows the main keyword for which the pages are ranking.
  3. Opportunities : It helps you to find easy to rank keywords. It shows the pages of your website which can be ranked on first page.
  4. Alerts : It consists positive and negative alerts about your keywords.
  5. Competitors : View the SERP rankings of your competitors for your keyword.
  6. Export and Report : You can export the .csv file of your rankings. You can also download .pdf file of your data and ranking report.

 Social Media Listing : This tool by SEO Profiler consist following options:

  1. Social Reputation Checker : First search your keywords and see how much social reputation it have. Once searched it will show blog posts, forums posts and tweets related to your keywords.
  2. Social Media Checker : Just type the URL of any article and see how much Socialized it is. This tool shows that how many Facebook share, likes, tweets, Diggs and Google Plus One the article have.

Submit Website to Search Engines : This utility is very helpful for new websites. SEO Profiler can easily submit your webpage to 200+ Search Engines within the seconds. It will make your website to get indexed rapidly.

seo profiler review

Spy on Competitors : Here SEO Profiler impressed me a lot with this tool. Analyzing the competitors helped me a lot to get quick rankings.  SEO Profiler’s Spy Tool have 3 major sub-tools :-

  • Google Adwords : By Using this tool you can easily analyze the Ads and keywords used by competitors in their Adwords campaign. Amazing thing is that it works with 15 countries . So you can get an idea that which keywords, Ad types and landing pages your competitors are using.
  • Ranking Intelligence : Using this tool , you can easily get the Google Rankings of your competitors. It shows the top ranking pages, keywords and countries of any website.
  • Backlinks : That’s the best thing to monitor using SEOprofiler. Back Link spy gives you the complete information about :
  1. How many links your competitors have made ?
  2. How much strong those back links are ?
  3. Which anchor text they used ?
  4. Are those backlinks from relevant pages ?
  5. Which are the newest and effective links made by them ?

Use this SEO Profiler tool and try to make backlinks same as they have made. Track their total backlinks and Anchor Text diversity. All this will give you an idea about there link building technique.

Does SEO Profiler Worth to Buy ?

Well , Its all upon you. If you want to beat your competitors then go with this amazing SEO tool. I have found that SEO Profiler is much effective then the other tools in class. Its having some extra tools then other. Apart from these specifications, another great thing about SEO Profiler is its Price.Its price is as following :

Beginners :     $24/Month
Small Sites :    $49/Month
Best Buy :         $99/Month
Small Agencies :  $249/Month
Big Agencies :        $999/Month

They are having quick support and a SEO Blog too, Where you will get latest SEO Tips and trending SEO News. So what you are waiting for grab the SEO Profiler Account for just $1. This offer is available for a short time. Just pay $1 and review this awesome SEO Tool.

Get SEO Profiler Free Trial

Have a view on Pricing Table of SEO Profiler :

seo profiler price

Featured Review of SEO Profiler Tool : I got an invitation to try it. After using it, Here is my SEO Profiler review. Read SEO Profiler Review

Narender Chopra • February 15, 2013

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  1. Helen Wright February 23, 2013 - 8:21 am

    All in one tool . I use different tool for different thing . I will try it . SEO Profiler rocks……….

  2. kanagavel February 28, 2013 - 6:44 pm

    i have gone through the different kinds of seo forum rules and how to increase the back links thank you for posting the useful things,keeps on do this

  3. Local seo March 20, 2013 - 5:55 am

    Thanks the great article. Sounds a bit expensive. I will give the free trial a shot and see it goes. The info you showed is very interesting though.

  4. Sajid Bhaldar March 20, 2013 - 12:51 pm

    I am currently using Raven Tools, few days back Raven Tools had changed their some UI and now it is hard to understand the things.

    I am thinking of to go with the new tool. Is SEO Profiler will give me better replacement for Raven Tools…???

    Can you please guide me in both the ways like cost wise and feature wise…???

  5. Narender Chopra March 20, 2013 - 1:59 pm

    Hello Sajid,
    Sorry but I never tried Raven Tool so I can’t compare both products. But I am using SEO Profiler since 1 month and till now it seems awesome. You can try seoprofiler fully functional trial for just $1.

  6. Search Engine Marketing March 22, 2013 - 12:46 pm

    It seems pretty interesting. i think i’m gonna have to give it a try and see it myself if its good. thanks anyway for sharing this.

  7. Cleaning Services April 6, 2013 - 12:51 am

    i am new in everything on SEO and marketing for my business, i needed one year almost to learn here what does it mean , trying with google adwords + google place get customers better but is expensive , is expensive for monthly payment for an audit $150 is some high for me, i feel confortable working with you guys, i did not finf bad reviews, i think i made with you my 1 Page Rank in Google ,Yahoo and Bing, God is not giving you miracles, he just is showing the way…i do stil have problems by learning and understanding how to get for sure in the first page on search engines,by using your tools, Thank you guys or is just one person ? :) see you later

  8. cause June 12, 2013 - 8:08 am

    i use seoprofiler for my french web sites since more than a year i love it and i suggest all website owner to try it for 1$ only for the first month
    i like it

  9. Michael John July 23, 2013 - 5:43 pm

    I have been using SEOProfiler for quite some time now. I am still wondering whether to go for the full 49$ package or not. But this article boosts me I would give that a try too.


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