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digital photo frame

Trending Digital photo frames : Link memories to technology

Digital photo frames : Link memories to technology :- Digital photo frames are also called digital media frames and have entered in our lives. Thanks to the ability of not being printed on paper and not requiring your computer. It’s now almost a decade since these frames are sitting on the desks inside our offices and yet, they seem to not evolving or to put it in other words, it’s like the ‘smart’ technology is not as smart as we’re expecting it from a product that is populating our homes and offices. The first generation of media frames came with a fixed amount of internal memory and in order to recharge it or to make the updates, you had to connect it to a computer.

The second generation instead, came with small, but significant improvements. You can now make the updates wirelessly and you can expand considerably the internal memory. Returning to the smart digital story, there’s something missing. Like, remember the evolution of the mobile phones. At the very own beginning, early in the dawning, a mobile phone was used for calling people. Immersing technologies appeared and the ‘evolving’ fingertips of technology marked the progress of phones. With all the features and functions, smarphones became more than a phone calls provider. The universe of apps, the e-mail checking and writing, voice control commands, writing and editing photos, everything can be basically adjusted with the help of a smartphone. Anything that can be done on a computer can also be figured out on a smartphone. Anyways, these updated didn’t reflect in the evolution of digital photo frames. That is quite surprising. Some did expect though Facebook updates and weather forcast checkings. Furthermore, the simple web surfing should be a plus. Photos should remain as a front office on the LCD screen, but when needed, information could be provided.

Trending Digital Photo Frames

digital photo frame

I now remember the ‘medieval’ function of a photo frame. That of a gift for the grandma and granpa. In time, the photo frame with the digital touch on top became an office accessory. You are now thinking that it’s time effective to have such a photo support. Early in the days there was a quite elaborated process of show off happy moments. Today it’s a few minutes job. Marvelous how technology had the imbold to enter such a delicate sector as happiness.

There are a few  particularly awesome things when it comes to the digital photo frames. The internal memory, providing you the space to store your entire life caught in still photos, the ability of reading any type of format, from audio to MP3, PSD or JPEG and the radio feature. The greatest advantage though comes from the awesome image quality. If we’re talking about prints, we’re talking about a substantial loss of quality. When you go digital, the quality is unshakable.

DigitalPhoto frame

Narender Chopra • July 1, 2013

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