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WordPress 3.5.1 release update

WordPress 3.5.1 Maintenance and Security Release Update

WordPress 3.5.1 Update is live now . Many Security issues has been resolved with some minor updates also . At January 24 Midnight WordPress 3.5.1 Version Update got live for all bloggers . Officials says that total 37 bugs has been fixed in this update . Its also having great security releases .
For the complete list of change log have a view <Here>

WordPress 3.5.1 Version Security Release Update

WordPress 3.5.1 release update

As told earlier this in this update previous 37 Bugs has been totally fixed. Some of major updates of WordPress 3.5.1 Release are following :-

  • Editor Update : This release Prevents some HTML elements from being removed or being modified in some very rare cases .
  • Media Bug : Fixed a lot of minor bugs and WordPress compatibility issues usually seen in Wp media manager.
  • Networks Release : Now WordPress 3.5.1 Suggest proper rewriting rules while creating any network .
  • Now it Prevent scheduled articles from being stripped with some HTML codes, In Previous WordPress Versions Video Embeds got mixed with Paragraphs when published scheduled wise. That bug has been completely fixed now .
  • There were some major misconfigurations in previous WordPress Versions which may cause some JavaScript in the WordPress admin Dashboard to fail . It was a major bug of previous releases and in this update they got rid of it .
  • Most of the time when a Plugin causes an error there were a lot of warnings . But in this update they Suppress warnings that mostly pop up when a plugin misused the database or user APIs. So a big security update is finally live .
For More Updates and Bug Notes , Have a view At Official WordPress Article about WordPress 3.5.1 Version Update :- <Here>.

Narender Chopra • January 25, 2013

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  1. Michael Gorman February 8, 2013 - 9:20 am

    I was searching for information on the new WordPress release, and your post hit the mark, only one with actual information on page 1!

  2. chad@security March 16, 2013 - 4:03 am

    Great to know WordPress is staying on top of these bug fixes, as a designer, I only use wordpress, I think it’s the best platform out there.

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