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WordPress comment spam

4 Must Have WordPress Comments Plugins

WordPress Platform is widely known for its Powerful Plugins . Today I am sharing some WordPress Comments Plugins that don’t only reduces spam but also improves productivity . Trackbacks And Robots generated comments are the biggest problem of a self hosted wordpress blog owner. They spams like hell . Even I was suffering from them . I installed Akismet and disabled Trackbacks using .htacess and also used captcha with Comment Form . Resultant Trackbacks were gone but spamming comments were on the way.

But today I came to know about some other WordPress plugins which saved me from those spammed comments and brutual bots. So its time to Say Bye to Robots Generated Spam Comments on Your WordPress Blog With these Must have WordPress Plugins . I am sorry to those spammers who would hate me now more then before : D

GASP ( Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin )

Download GASP Wp Comments Plugin

That’s the plugin which solved my problems in the end . This plugin adds Box check rule to comment . Means you have to check or Tick Mark the box to post your comment . GSAP Plugin also can replace your annoying captcha plugin .So that plugin worth to install  .
GSAP WordPress Plugin

Comment Luv WordPress Plugin

Download Comment Luv Wp Plugin

I would say its the must install Plugin for every new Tech Blogger or to attract bloggers of similar niche to comment on your blog . It encourages your readers to comment on your articles as they get some link juice from their comment . This is one of my favorite plugin and one day I will surely buy its premium version ( Hope I will :) )
commentluv wp plugin

Akismet WordPress Plugin to Reduce Spam

Download Akismet Wp Plugin

Akismet is the well known plugin in WordPress Blogging . Whenever someone comments on your WordPress Blog , Akismet checks whether commenting person’s ip is listed in their Spam database or not . If its flagged as spam then Akismet moves that comment to spam folder where you can review it . However Akismet have one major disadvantages :-  Some bloggers keep commenting on various blog in order to get backlinks . However there is nothing bad in commenting but Akismet takes them as a spammer and moves their comments to Spam Folder. So next time don’t trash your spammed comments folder with closed eyes : p .

akismet wp plugin

Twitter Link Comments

Download Plugin Here

Its another great plugin from Andy Bailey ( Comment Luv ) . It adds an additional way to communicate your members with each others ,using their twitter accounts . In their comment their would be a field with their twitter username .

twitterlink comments

So that was the list of WordPress Plugins that I use on TechnoUpdates.Org to attract more commenters and to reduce spam . There are also some more plugins like Facebook comment, RSS Reminder etc that can also be used . If you are using any other plugins to reduce spam in your comments or to attract more commenters then let us know by commenting below .


Narender Chopra • January 11, 2013

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  1. Hariharakumar January 11, 2013 - 8:52 pm

    I am using GASP wordpress comment plugin for my blog to prevent comment spam.

  2. Anuj January 12, 2013 - 10:35 pm

    Hi Narender most of the time a problem arise when i comment on other blogs and after submitting the comment to the blog my comment is not shown as that your comment is awaiting moderation in that case my comment goes to spam of that what should i do to protect my comment going into spam.

  3. Narender Chopra January 13, 2013 - 10:27 am

    Same Happened on my website . I found your comment in spam folder. There is basically one major reason you are commenting a lot on Akismet And Comment Luv Enabled Blogs . So make use of commenting on blogs which don’t use such a plugins and Blogger Blogs .

  4. Nitin Maurya March 30, 2013 - 3:43 pm

    Thanks for the GASP plugin. It reduced the spam comments to zero!

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